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lou recently made his super secret debut appearance in this new incarnation of his musically performative side as lou suSi and the information out at Sophia Cacciola and Michael J Epstein's Wiretap Wednesday out at the café inside of Arts on the Armory in Somerville

on Saturday, June 8th 2013 i performed a smallish set of songs with Lee Todd Lacks and Tom Swafford out at Nave Gallery's new, interdisciplinary performance works events called 'Synthesize, Improvise and Otherwise' as curated by the indelible, ingenious Boston performance legend Matt Samolis


see some of the other sound art and music-related projects lou previously established and performed through on his controversial and completely imaginary independendt music label:

or go up to lou's SoundCloud to hear a mix of his sound an' musics stuff

other affiliated or previous acts
i am currently working on putting together a future-forward thinking funk outfit to proliferate and comment on our relationship with the earth, with each other and with our technologies — the act is tentatively called motherFunkenstein — please contact me with any like-minded interest to get all funky on that stuff by emailing mf @ motherfunkenstein dot com

and then, although not 'officially' dismantled in any public sorta way, lou's previous collaborations with the wonderful Deb Mascara as the Art Rawkin' dynamic duo of performance art, spokenword and acoustic comicality, Group of 9, remains on haitus for now as the lovely Ms. Mascara studies up for her Masters Degree at the illustrious Tufts University in glorious near-Davis Medford — there're still some tracks from the 9 up on their official site, like, right here ;]

contact me at ls @ lou suSi dot com to discuss potential collaborations, band projects and creative ideas related to music and sound art or to book me for a show ;]

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